Alumni Association:

Department of Botany at Punjabi University, Patiala was established on February 1, 1967. Since its inception, a large number of students have obtained their M.Sc., M.Phil. And Ph.D. degrees in Botany. The department is proud in the sense that most of its students are well settled in India and abroad and are serving the society at different levels. Many of the students of this department have joined administrative services at National and State level and are placed at very high positions. Most of the others have chosen teaching and research as their career and are serving in various Universities, Research Institutes and Colleges.
It was felt that to bring alumni of Botany Department at one platform, Alumni Association of Botany Department at Punjabi University, Patiala, India be formed. This will help in igniting the belongingness we have with the Botany Department. Through this forum all alumni of Botany Department will also be in touch with one another and will be able to share their achievements and progress. Alumni Association of Botany Department at Punjabi University was thus formed during 2012.
All alumni of Botany Department at Punjabi University are invited to join Alumni Association.

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